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Bogra Bogra (in bangla pronounced as Bogura বগুড়া) is one of the oldest towns in Bangladesh . It is located in northern Bangladesh under the Rajshahi division. Bogra is the nerve centre of northern Bangladesh . Bogra town also has an importance in terms of transportation in northern Bangladesh , as it's situated at the centre. This city has many notable activities.
City: Bogra was officially established as a district during the British rule in the year 1821, but the seed of Bogra city was sewn long before. Several localities have the name “Chowk” which was the common practice at the time of the Mughal rule implying that settlement in and around Bogra City started during the time of the Mughals. In Bogra city there are 45 Temples , 2 Churches and 629 Mosques, built over
the long past. The Mosques are indicating the long standing Islamic tradition with this place.

Citadel: Bogra is a very interesting city. Very close to the town there is a place called ‘Mahasthangarh’ which was the earliest capital city of Bangladesh , formerly known as Pundravardhana. Ramparts of Mahasthangarh citadel is around seven miles away from Bogra town. This place is considered to be sacred by Buddhists, Muslims and Hindus. ‘Behular Bashor Ghar’, which is very near to Mahasthangarh, is a popular place for the tourists. Tourists from all over Bangladesh visit this place throughout the year.

The “Nawab Bari”: located on the western side of river “Korotoa” and east side of 'Shatmatha' was originally a Banglow of the “Nilkuthiwalas”, which was bought by the Nawabs and turned into a palace.

The Fateh Ali Bazar of Bogra city named after Pir Fateh Ali. He came to Bogra in the year 1765 AD. Famous persons: Ziaur Rahman, a former president of Bangladesh , as was Muhammad Ali Bogra, a former Prime Minister of Pakistan both were born in this district.

Famous foods: This district is famous for few foods like Doi (sweet yogurt), Kotkotee (sweet pretzel) and others. It is also famous for Red Chilies, Potatoes, etc. One has to try special Yoghurt of Bogra. Bogra town also has an importance in terms of transportation in northern Bangladesh , as it's situated at the centre. Ricksha is the main transportation for city people beacuse streets are narrow and less Taxis available.

Development: Bogra has gone through massive development projects over the past few years. Its development progress is much greater comparing to the rest of Bangladesh.

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